About Us

A Debt Coach Credit Counseling Services began operating in July of 1992 offering credit counseling service’s to local consumers who were experiencing credit and debt problems. We offer one of the most beneficial debt consolidation programs in the Nation! We have more than 25 years experience providing Credit and Debt Management Services to consumers. To date we have provided counseling and advice to more than 200,000 consumers.

Today A Debt Coach provides a variety of services to clients across the country. In most cases counselors conduct 30-45 minute phone consultations with consumers, reviewing their debts and creating a personalized budget and debt management program to aid in the client’s financial situation.

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Mission Statement

A Debt Coach Credit Counseling Service (ADC) was started by a local businessman who saw a need in our community to help people free themselves from the financial restraints of debt.

ADC will provide debt management assistance to all consumers as well as promote credit education through budgeting tools, educational workshops and credit counseling services. We have a staff of trained and Certified Credit Counselors that will create a personal debt management plan for any consumer.

ADC rests its principals and morals on being Honest, Positive, and Professional to all clients and creditors. We are committed to helping one person at a time to see the light of being debt free.

ADC continually seeks new ways to improve the quality of our services. Top management is committed to meeting these requirements and to continually improve the quality management system.

Quality Statement

The management of ADC is committed to providing quality service, abides by compliance requirements and continuously improves its effectiveness of the Quality Management System. Our Quality Policy is reflected in the company’s vision which states:

“A Debt Coach is a non-profit organization which strives to help individuals and families burdened with financial pressures learn how to become debt free.

Provide financial management skills through the highest quality programs, education and counseling by certified counselors.

A Debt Coach dedicates itself to providing industry-best customer satisfaction in delivering its superior services. It is our commitment to meet the requirements of the ISO 9001:2010 quality management system and provide for continuous improvement of the system.

Maintain personal and spiritual fulfillment for all team members in an atmosphere of utmost professionalism.”

A Debt Coach’s employees and management are committed to assuring that this policy is implemented; understood and reviewed for continuing suitability at all levels of the organization.